Choosing the right Diamond Ring in your price range is a very important decision. Find out what to look for and where you can find the perfect diamond ring! Don’t risk making an uninformed decision. There are key things you can do to better understand what to look for in a diamond ring.

First is to understand the Four C’s of diamonds:
1. Cut – Do you want a round, oval, heart or pear shaped diamond? What setting do you want the diamond to sit in on the ring?
2. Colour – Do you want an extremely clear diamond (grade D), or are you happy to have a slightly tinted colour diamond (grade I or J), or are you not too worried about colour and you are happy with a tinted diamond (grade N to Z)?
3. Carat – what weight or carat rating of the diamond are you seeking?
4. Clarity – as all diamonds have inclusions, you need to be happy to accept some level imperfection – what level and number of inclusions in a diamond are you happy to accept? Read more about: Understanding the 4C’s to find a Cheap Diamond Ring

Decide how much you want to spend: Another factor to consider when choosing the perfect diamond ring is to think about how much you want to spend on the ring. Often times people discuss the two-month rule. That is your salary over a two, is a common benchmark to judge how much to spend. We say this is rubbish, made by the diamond companies to make you spend more than you think you have to. Obviously you have found this website because you don’t want to spend too much – but it is all relative – understand the 4 C’s of diamonds and form your own opinion on what a diamond ring is really worth!

Figure out what precious metal to use for the band: In terms of precious metals – we have silver, gold, white gold, and platinum. Think of your partners taste – do they hate wearing silver and will only ever where yellow gold? Are you happy to spend a bit more on Platinum to know that it is the most resistant metal.

The easiest way to get the sizing right is to use an existing ring that fits your partner. Trace the inside of the ring to be able to measure the ring size. If you are keeping the ring purchase a surprise, talk to your partners friends to see if they can help you get the size right!

Find a reputable website to look for a ring that matches your needs:

There are many diamond ring websites online today so it is important to find a reputable retailer. We have a page to help: Find a Cheap Diamond Ring Online


    1. DiamondRingsDirect

      Hi Bernard! I can certainly help you find a matching diamond ring set for yourself and your bride. I think your best option is to have a look at the Matching Wedding Rings at Zoara – just go to the top of that page, hover your mouse over ‘Engagement’, then click ‘Matching Wedding Rings’.

      I hope that points you in the right direction

  1. Peter

    Speaking of partner’s taste, it would be hard if you don’t have an idea of what she really wants. So you either ask her directly about her choice of engagement ring or make a wild guess without comprising a ‘surprise’ proposal. If you choose the second option, the best you can do is just ask your girl’s family or friends for some advice. But be careful to spill the idea only to those who can keep it secret until the day you finally ask her to marry you.

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